Month: March 2015

Month: <span>March 2015</span>

Women in Engineering: Change the work culture, change the outcome

This article from NPR’s All Tech Considered summarizes findings from a recent study of why women are leaving the engineering profession. The most common reason female engineers leave is the work environment. There is still a “boys club” culture that is not welcoming or friendly to women. Nadya Fouad, the study’s author, found that although there are many programs in place at …

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PwC’s Chief Diversity Officer highlights a sponsorship program (Fast Co.)

A level playing for all employees requires culture change in our companies.  Culture change happens when we encourage  dialogue (some of it uncomfortable) to promote understanding combined with structural programs that nudge us along to best in class workplaces. PWC has a formal sponsorship program that helps drive a culture that embraces differences and opens up doors …

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Legendary Wall Street executive, Sallie Krawcheck, reveals gender bias stories (PBS News Hour)

Photo by Stuart Isett/Fortune Most Powerful Women via Flickr user Fortune Live Media.

In her discussion with Paul Solman of PBS News Hour, Sallie Krawcheck, legendary Wall Street analyst, strategist and executive, candidly describes the gender bias in corporate America and the business case for more women leading.

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50% Women Leading Corporate America – it can happen if we work together

I’ve spent more than 20 years working in corporate America. I love giant corporations.  They have abundant resources which allow them to provide abundant opportunities.  They are the engines of large scale prosperity. However, for women inside these mega-businesses, the benefits of rising to senior leadership positions have remained elusive. According to the U.S. Bureau …

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How to 10x your influence (VitalSmarts Influencer)

In this white paper the authors of the Influencer series of books discuss how chronic persistent problems aren’t solved easily. They require a critical mass of influencing strategies and a combination of tactics. Rather than focus on a single root cause, an effective technique addresses all root causes in a calculated approach across six sources …

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Financial Times – The evidence is growing – there really is a business case for diversity

This Financial Times article by Tim Smedley from May 15, 2014, does a nice job of summarizing numerous research studies that support the business case for diversity.  And the 1960 picture he used in the article is just priceless- 100% white men seated around the executive decision making table. Sadly, women directors and above know all too …

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Women in Business: From classroom to boardroom 2014 (Grant Thornton)

Grant Thornton has been tracking the proportion of women in senior management since 2004 and the 2013 research  finds that the proportion of women in the most senior roles has stagnated at 24% – the same as the result in 2012, 2009 and 2007. The question this raises is: what are the roadblocks on the path to …

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The Gender Dividend: Making the business case for investing in women (Deloitte)

Fully integrating women into both the workplace and the marketplace can yield a significant return—what can be called the Gender Dividend. Much like the dividends that public corporations pay to shareholders, the Gender Dividend is a steady benefit that is earned by making wise, balanced investments in developing women as workers and potential leaders as …

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ShowMe50™ Win-Win Checklist

Using findings from research, we have developed a list of best practices that have been shown to lead to higher employee satisfaction and productivity, lower turnover and greater innovation – creating greater returns for shareholders. We call it the ShowMe50TM Win-Win Checklist. It summarizes the components of a level playing field.  ALL employees, including white men benefit. There …

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