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Corporate America has a
Corporate America has a problem.

For decades, despite being competent to lead and interested in doing so, female middle managers have not been making it through to senior leadership positions in representative numbers.

50% of the workforce is being sub-optimized.


Statistics and social science research tell us gender bias, corporate policies and practices, and workplace cultures have been and continue to be roadblocks to women’s advancement into senior leadership. Research also tells us that corporations can better leverage talent, enhance their reputations, increase innovation and improve financial performance when there are more women contributing and leading.

What is the

The solution is institutional change. Companies need to provide results-oriented gender bias training, equal access to information about career opportunities, and cultural transformations that lead to visibly inclusive workplaces.
Attitudes need to change. Power must be shared.

How do we make
happen? provides actionable insights and pragmatic tools that empower individuals to lead a grassroots change movement inside their companies. It’s time to say to our companies, “Show me 50%.
Effort isn’t enough, results are what matter. Let’s work together with our companies to make it happen.

Closing the Gender Gap One Corporation at a Time™

Our vision is bold – achieve 50% women in senior leadership positions in corporate America… one corporation at a time. The solution requires influencing companies to change corporate cultures, policies and practices known to limit women’s advancement. The good news is that it’s a two-gender solution. Both women and men benefit from transparency and a level playing field.


The Faces of ShowMe50

Change only happens if we take the first step.

Watch the video and join ShowMe50 in driving culture and policy change at your company.

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What Can One Person Do?

ShowMe50™ wants you to choose the level of involvement that feels comfortable for you.

What Can One Person Do?

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What Does Gender Equality Look Like?

The root causes of the imbalance in senior leadership are complicated.

Click to view an infographic to help explain them.


Gender Bias Myths and Facts

Visit our resources page to learn about:

  • Gender bias
  • The business case for diversity in leadership
  • Talent management best practices
  • Work Life Effectiveness
  • Communication and influencing skills

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What Can Corporations Do?

  • Work with your ShowMe50™ Ambassador to build a timed roadmap to level the playing field for women. We want to collaborate and improve.
  • Leverage the ShowMe50™ Win-Win Checklist to optimize 100% of the workforce.
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